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 Star Wars Fanfic

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PostSubject: Star Wars Fanfic   Sat Oct 11, 2008 2:59 pm

my first

Figured I might as well.....


Chapter 1: Departure

The sith. That word strikes fear into the hearts of many, including that of a young Jedi named Korabis. He wasn't always a Jedi. Korabis was once a normal sixteen year old boy with kind, loving parents. Then one day it was all taken away from him. The evil sith lord, Darth Vader murdered Korabis' parents.

Lost and alone Korabis ran as far away from home as he could possibly get. Eventually he made it to Naboo where he met a Jedi name Luke Skywalker. Luke took Korabis under his wing after hearing his story. He trained him in the ways of the Jedi.

Korabis became strong and quick. He was also good at using both a light saber and gun. Luke told him about the adventures that had come to pass after Luke became a Jedi. The one that interested Korabis the most was the story about Obi-wan Kenobi (Old Ben).

Korabis considered Luke to be his father in a way. He became quite close to him.

Korabis also became close to Luke's droids, C-3PO and R2-D2. They were kinda like his guardians to keep him out of trouble as a hot headed young boy.

Well our story takes place on Korabis' twentieth birthday............

Korabis rose from bed and stretched. He got changed, hooked his light saber into his belt, and went downstairs.

“Good morning Master Korabis. Happy birthday.” C-3PO said greeting him. “Morning 3PO. Thanks. I'm starting to feel old.” Korabis joked. Suddenly Luke came downstairs. “Happy birthday Korabis!” Luke exclaimed embracing him. “Thank you master.” Korabis said with a smile. “You are offically a man. You've become quite a skilled Jedi. I say you are now a master.” Luke told him taking a step back and resting both his hands on Korabis' shoulders. “You mean it sir?” Korabis asked. “Every word.” Luke replied.

Korabis' smile grew. “I have something for you.” Luke said grabbing a box on a nearby table. He handed it to Korabis. Korabis slowly opened the box and discovered there was a light saber inside. “It was my fathers. I wanted you to have it when you were old enough.” Luke stated.

Korabis was shocked. “Sir this is to much. I can't except this.” he said taking the saber out of the box. “You deserve it. Why don't you go out and train with it for a bit.” Luke stated. “But what about my chores?” Korabis asked. “It's your birthday. You can let them go for today.” Luke replied. Korabis ran outside to practice. Luke watched from the door way.

Korabis practiced most of the day. Eventually he began to tire and sat down to rest. Luke came outside with some water for him. “Thank you.” Korabis said tipping his head out of respect. Luke patted him on the back. “Korabis, I have to tell you something. Tomorrow I have to leave.” Luke told him in a soft tone. “W...what? Where are you going?” Korabis asked. “I have to go away for a few days. The sith lord is planning to attack a local planet. I'm being sent with Princess Leia to aid them.” Luke answered. “Please master! Let me come with you. I can handle myself and I promise I wont get into trouble.” Korabis begged. “No Korabis. If something goes wrong you'll be needed. You have to stay here.” Luke said in a harsh tone. “Yes sir.” Korabis said lowering his head.

The next morning Luke left slightly before dawn. Korabis, C-3PO, and R2-D2 got up with him to see him off. “Be safe master.” Korabis said as they embraced each other one last time. “Take care Korabis and remember to always be ready. 3PO take care of him.” Luke stated walking away from them. Korabis shed a few tears. Once Luke was far out of ear shot Korabis muttered, “Good bye....father.”
Korabis remained in his room the rest of the day.
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Star Wars Fanfic
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