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 My Weird Life

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PostSubject: My Weird Life   Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:23 pm

Hi my name is Kitty and well this is my story about my life frist off I live with a weird family that I love so much, but I think they are keeping something from me though. Ok they not really my family they found me when I was one years old you see my real family left me and well I don't know the rest sorry I was only one when this frist happen.

ch 1 my family

OK this take off when I was ten it was my birthday and my family was getting ready from my party. My mum was in the kitchen making me a cake my father was in his office don't what ever he was doing at that time. my big loving brother with me playing foot ball. I love being with my brother the most the rest I don't know. Oh, didn't I tell you that I'm the only human in my family oops. Well the day past and it was time for my party to start you see I don't have any friends because they all think I'm weird whatever I don't really care about that. My mum brought the cake in the living room it was so big I couldn't see her family, my father was next to me and my big brother had his arms around me. Hours later I blow the candles out and we I mean me ate my cake. this was odd I never seen my family eat at all or sleep they all ways stay awake when I'm asleep weird huh? Well it was the next day and I was the only one was ready to go to school but my brother he was waiting for me at the door. I skipped to him with a huge smile on my family I was finely in the fifth grade and all my family told me good bye and have a great day likes all ways.
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My Weird Life
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