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 For ALL Rpers!!! MUST READ

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PostSubject: For ALL Rpers!!! MUST READ   Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:49 pm

This is for all the users who wish to RP on this forum.

please read the rules listed in the other thread, posted by ~MJ~. Also, if you wish to start a new RP, you must message one of the Admins, MJ, Dazzled, OxfordGirl, ILoveEdwardCullen, or myself with your idea and the plot summary.

If, unfortunately, your RP fails and no one posts, you will have 2 weeks before we will intervene. A warning will be posted, saying that the forum will be deleted. You have ONE week to revive the thread or else it will be deleted. The actual RP thread will be saved in something like the Cair Paravel library on TDL, but th rest sill be deleted.
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For ALL Rpers!!! MUST READ
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