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PostSubject: Description    Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:37 am

Levington Northern Idaho is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Built in the 1950's as a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the world for a handful of families this town began to grow into what it is today. though it seems to be in the middle of no where the town itself has everything anyone could really need or even want. There is a state of the art cinema, plenty of upscale restaurants as well as a handful "normal" ones like Applebees and the Olive Garden. There is even a decently sized mall. The town is however divided. The west side of town is where the town originated with modest houses and even some double wides. It my no means is a bad part of town. the lawns are clean, the houses are kept up and the children keep their toys to the back yards. however the east side of town is a stark difference. the east part of town is filled with mansions that could potentially double as hotels or at least a nice B and B if it came down to that. Properties are extensive and wealth abundant in the east part of town. They also have their own privet school that only east enders can attend. exclusivity keeps the morality high and the grades even better. The east end primarily keeps the economy of the whole town afloat.

Crime in Levington is also very low to non existent. three years ago a girl tried to shop lift a pair of pants from the local Abicombi and Fitch and only a month later her family left the town all together with no explanation or reason. Everyone knew why they had been forced out but no one said anything. and for the reason of swift and hard justice the town has remained relatively unscathed, until now.
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