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 Um... I dont have a title yet

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PostSubject: Um... I dont have a title yet   Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:23 pm

Ok so i wrote this and I guess i just wanted to see what you think Razz feel free to coment or anything, sorry i dont have a title yet Razz


Oh my gosh, he kissed me, he actually kissed me. I had been waiting for this moment for all of my life, though I only knew it now, and it had finally come. His lips on mine were warm and shaking slightly. That was when my brain exploded. No this couldn’t be, it was all wrong, I was all wrong, I had encouraged this and now my life would be changed forever, I knew then it would never be the same again.

Chapter 1

I rolled over and opened my eyes, it was dark. I sat up and stretched. I had been stiff from sleeping in the same position for so long. I looked around my room. As my eyes became accustomed to the light the familiar surroundings of my room came into focus.
Across from my bed was a desk that held my computer and television. Beside the desk was a bookcase crammed to bursting with a whole range of books. Then against the back wall there was a wardrobe and a small dressing table crammed with typical girl essentials.
I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep now so I stood up intending to go and get myself some breakfast, when there was a knock on my door. I knew who it would be the moment the first knock came. The voice I knew I would hear whispered through the door, “Becky it’s me, are you awake?”
Of course he knew I was awake, every time I was awake he knew about it. I supposed it was just one of those special connections that twins have. “Yes,” I whispered back.
“Can I come in,” he asked.
“Of course you can silly, you know you don’t have to ask,” I replied walking over to the door and pulling it open so I could see him. His hair was all tousled from sleep and stuck up all over the place and those unnaturally blue eyes that none of the rest of the family had were still sparkling from under his half opened lids.
“I know I don’t have to ask,” he said smiling, “but it’s polite.”
“Since when have you cared about manners,” I teased.
“How could you say such a thing I'm an angel,” he replied in a voice of mock indignation.
“More like cut it in half and paint it red, they would go better on your head,” I ribbed again, poking him in the ribs.
“Uh, well then I might just have to kill you if you’ve discovered my secret identity,” he whispered and he attacked with his long pale fingers around my sides and armpits making me squeal loudly.
“Sushhh,” he hissed, barely disguising his laughter, “Or mum and dad will hear us. Come on lets go get some food I'm starving.”
“You’re always starving,” I whispered back laughing, but I followed him downstairs.

“What do you want?” he asked.
“The usual,” I replied fishing in the cupboard for 2 bowls.
“Fine,” he said and he went and got the cereal from another cupboard.
I placed the bowls down and went to get the milk from the fridge, by the time id turned around there were 2 bowls full of cornflakes standing on the side. I walked over and covered them both with a generous helping of milk, then from over my shoulder came a pair of hands each holding a spoon that was placed one in each bowl.
I grabbed my bowl and turned around, he was standing right behind me trying to reach his bowl over me which wasn’t working, I poked him in the chest to make him move, not hard enough to hurt but enough to say, move.
“Oh sorry didn’t notice you down there,” he said making a slander on my height.
“What cas you got your head in the clouds,” I came back at him.
This was our usual routine of big verses small. No one ever won; we saw it as a constantly ongoing battle between us.
He did move though and I shrugged past him and went and sat at the dining table, turning on a small lamp as I walked past so we’d have some light to eat by.
He came and joined me a second later plonking himself down next to me and started wolfing down his breakfast. “You’ll get indigestion,” I said, as always, “Or you won’t feel full and you’ll eat more and more and then get fat.”
I said this to him every time and he never listened but I knew why, he never did get indigestion and his stomach was always perfectly flat. Sometimes I was jealous of him, I had to be really careful about what I ate because I put on weight very easily, not that I was fat but it meant that he could sit scoffing chocolate while id have to eat lettuce.
He had finished his breakfast in about 2 minutes flat were I was just about coming up to half way. He sat and talked to me while I finished, he talked about mum and dad and school and typical stuff and I thought to myself how glad I was to have him hear.
Sometimes when I look at other siblings together their constantly at each other thoughts and ready to gouge eyes and pull hair but it was different with me and Jake. He was my brother, twin and best friend in the whole wide world and I loved him more than anything.
I finished my food and took out both of the bowls and stacked them in the dishwasher. Then turned back to Jake, he was giving me a funny look not to my face but looking down at some wear around my midriff.
“What,” I asked pulling out my shirt so I could see the whole thing just in case I had spilt something down it.
“Oh noting,” he replied immediately getting me suspicious.
“No come on tell me,” I said searching for something wrong with me.
“No really it’s nothing just a piece of fluff on your back that’s all,” he answered coolly, but I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not.
I knew he was an accomplished liar and that he had fooled even dad before and that’s saying something. However I let it drop and just looked at him.
He looked so different from anyone in our family, even me. Mum presumed that we had been 2 eggs instead of one that had split into 2, but I didn’t believe this because we had that connection that identical twins claim that they have, I just say he stole all the best bits cas he’s so greedy.
He had jet black hair, dark and shiny as coals; his eyes were that dazzling blue that looked like you could lose yourself to sea in them. His skin was paler than the rest of us though he got the same sun exposure. His body slim and long but quite muscular underneath the baggy old tee-shirt he was wearing at the moment. He wasn’t that tall for his age, I was just small for mine.
I had often thought to myself that if I were to marry anyone he would have to look like Jake. Not that I fancied Jake or anything that was absurd, I mean he’s my brother but he was quite good looking, loads of the girls in our year fancied him but strangely enough he’d never had a girlfriend.
That didn’t bother me, I wondered if it would if he did find a girl, it would mean we were together less and I really did like being with him. But if whichever girl he chose made him happy then I think, I hoped I would have been strong enough to let him go, not permanently but just not as close as were are at this moment in time.
There was silence until Jake let out a huge belch and broke it.
“Awww Jake that's discussing,” I moaned, pushing him out of my way and walking off toward the living room. I switched on the T.V and sat down on one of our old sofas that now swallowed anyone who sat in them so that you needed help getting up again and picked up the remote.
I began to channel flick, looking for something good to watch. I settled on Scrubs on E4 as JD always had a knack of making me laugh somehow, kinda like Jake I guess.

“What are we going to do today,” asked Jake as Scrubs finished and I channel flicked again.
“I don’t know, whatever,” I replied absentmindedly.
“Fancy coming down to the field,” he asked, “it looks like a nice day.” He looked out of the window at that moment and so did I.
The sun was just rising over the crest of the hills behind our house, it was a beautiful scene from hear and it took my breath away each time I saw it.
Our house was situated in a beautiful little part of the country, not too far away from a main town but far enough to feel removed from civilisation. I loved it; it was like being in a world of our own.
I could almost feel Jake holding his breath as I was and I didn’t want to break the moment. However after about 30 seconds my lungs were bursting, Jake didn’t even seem to be straining but I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer. I exploded in a rush if air and the whole room was then filled with my panting, and Jakes laughing. I coughed and spluttered while Jake stood there almost wetting himself with laughter.
When I finally regained breath I hissed at Jake, “Shut up or someone will hear, and anyway it wasn’t that funny.”
“Oh yes it was,” he hissed back now only sniggering under his breath.
“So anyway,” I said diverting the subject, “today, the field sure why not.”
“How long will it take you to get ready?” he asked, “please not two hours again I was dead by the time you were ready.”
“That was only cas we were going to a party,” she said giving him a slightly hurt look, “anyway I'm not gonna see anyone so it don’t really matter how I look, I’ll just have a ponytail.”
“Good,” said Jake and his attention wondered back to the TV.
“Are you actually interested in this,” I asked him as the program continued.
“Yeah sure,” said Jake intent on the box.
“Jake it’s a four year old cartoon,” I stated looking at him with a slight look of confusion and worry about his sanity.
“I know,” he said flatly but I could see his eyes, they were unfocused and glazed as though he was daydreaming.
“Jake?” I said and got up to sit beside him.
His eyes were still. Unaware that I had moved at all.

“Jake,” I said again slightly louder.
Still, there was nothing.
I moved so that my head was right in the way of the TV. He still didn’t move, didn’t even blink.
I looked right into his eyes and said, “Jake come back to planet earth,” then I snapped my fingers like a hypnotist dose with their subject when the session is over.
Miraculously it worked; his straightened up and blinked several times before looking at me.
It was my turn to laugh this time; he looked at me with a bewildered and lost expression looking me up and down completely confused.
“You come back?” I said after I’d stopped guffawing.
“I didn’t go anywhere, did Ii?” he said still bemused.
“You tell me,” I said to him smiling, “you looked pretty far away to me.”
“What do you mean?” asked Jake almost becoming distressed now.
“Jake are you alright?” I said dropping the smile and looking concerned.
“Yeah fine,” he said looking up at me and grinning though it didn’t completely disguise his previous feelings.
He jumped up and rushed off to the kitchen, I could hear him raiding cupboards but I didn’t join him. That had been strange, he had never been like that before, Jake wasn’t the kind of person to day dream or forget what he had been doing either, that was more likely to be me, he was the kind of person who couldn’t sit still for two seconds would never be without something to fiddle with or annoy other people with, but this time it had been him.
I hadn’t been playing that close attention to him lately because we’d had alot of schoolwork but now we were alone I could see the change within him.
He had slipped off alot, spent more time in his room and ate less. Something had to be wrong. I hoped it was just a phase that would pass but each time I saw him he seemed to be - how could I put it - ageing before my very eyes.
The laughter was less and he now wore a frown more often than his warm smile I knew and loved so well.
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PostSubject: Re: Um... I dont have a title yet   Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:24 pm

Finally I trudged into the kitchen after him, his face was turned away from me and he was chopping tomatoes on the work surface there were 2 slices of buttered bread beside his hand and a crumpled piece of lettuce lay on top of one piece.
He was making more food, and I wondered if I had just been missing him eat every now and again but then I spotted the open Tupperware boxes and the hamper on the other side of him and knew that he was packing for our day out in the fields.
He turned just then knife in hand to look at me, his face was so drawn and gaunt that it looked as though he would be capable of taking that knife and staking me with it. However the fake smile flashed back into place again and he asked, “What do you want in your sandwich?”
“Don't mind,” I said trying to sound as falsely cheery and failing.
“How about, tuna,” he said pulling out a can of freshwater tuna.
“Sure,” I said in the same voice trying to sound enthusiastic.
He took the can back to the worktop and opened it using the can opener then drained away the access water and began to mix it with the mayonnaise he had presumably got out earlier.
“I thought we’d make a day of it,” said Jake answering my unasked question.
“Cool,” I said looking like I thought it was a good idea, thought I was sighing inside.
Before the strange change I would have been happy to spend the day in the country with Jake, but now, I’d rather stay and work on my algebra homework.

At about 7 my parents awoke and I decided I could go and get dressed now safely without disturbing anyone. I wondered upstairs and into my bedroom to collect my towel then I walked back and entered the bathroom locking it on my way in. I put down my towel and started to run hot water into the bath, I’d usually have a shower but today I felt stressed and I knew a bath would help with that. I squirted a large amount of bubble bath into the tub and began to swill the water so it didn’t get too hot.
After the bath had reached a reasonable temperature and depth I threw off my pj’s and got into the bath. The water was lovely and relaxing, I could feel myself winding down and my muscles loosening. I sank deeper until only my shoulders and head were above the water and closed my eyes.
I let myself drift lazily not particularly focused on anything it was just a relaxing blur. The lines if my faces were still tense though and my scalp was sending me goose bumps. I decided to wash my hair, to help relax my head. I held my breath and ducked under the water so that my hair was wet then I found my bottle of shampoo and squirted a generous amount onto my hand.
I pressed my hands together so that I had some on both, then massaged it into my head. I could feel myself relaxing already and I let my fingers rub gently into my scalp.
After it was all off my hands and onto my head I thought that I would leave it tin for a bit, just let the shampoo work its magic. I sat back in the bubbles with my head held up and looked to my feet which were poking out the end of the bathtub. My toenails were painted purple and red alternate and they sparkled at me from the other end. I wiggled them watching how the light fell on them, I was like a eight year old that had discovered her ruler could make light spots on the ceiling and annoy her teacher and fellow classmates.
I smiled at the thought as I had done just that in year three and ended up being sent to stand outside for ten minutes then got a telling off to match. I’d loved primary school, it was one of the best parts of my life so far, it has been carefree, easy and fun. Secondary school was such a challenge you had to have superhuman skills to be able to come out of it alive. Luckily I had my power of telepathy and could call Jake anytime I wanted for anything, likewise he could with me.
Well we used to anyway, when we were little we were inseparable even at school, we would mooch around together talking and playing games with the other kids but always we were close, as time went on we didn’t cling as much but we still had our time together at weekends and such, but now, we were further than we had ever been, I felt like he had grown up all in one go and I had been left behind, still a child.
I dispelled that thought and put my head back under the water, washing out all the shampoo. I resurfaced and found my conditioner, it smelt of strawberries and kiwi and it was my favourite one to use. I squirted some onto my hands then covered my hair with it. I didn’t want to wait this time so i washed it off straight away then got out pulled the plug from the bottom and wrapped myself in a towel.
I made my way back to my room and dried and dressed quickly, then I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was pale and freckleless, and I had no spots to speak of. My face was small as was my frame and my eyes were a dark green almost like a forest at dusk. My hair was a subtle mix of browns like tree bark and was tightly curled and my lips were pale.
Sometimes I liked the way I looked, others I didn’t; it usually depended on my mood, if I felt angry or upset then I would mate they way I looked and be able to pick out all my flaws, if I was feeling happy and confident then my appearance scale would go up and I’d feel pretty. I was just strange like that.
I stopped staring at my face and started looking for a hair tie or anything that would keep my hair in place. I finally found a blue elastic hair tie and I stood up pulled all my hair into a ponytail except from the shorter bits at the front that I left to hang around my face, then took one last look in the mirror and headed downstairs.
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Um... I dont have a title yet
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