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 Saddle Up the Novel

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PostSubject: Saddle Up the Novel    Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:22 pm

~ Prologue ~
The bar was full but not so loud that one couldn't hear themselves think. it was moderate and that's how Lucinda liked it. Maybe one of these days she would get into the whole rocking out aspect of performing but right now she liked to be able to sing without feeling like she had to do one of two things, making out with the microphone or yelling into it. Country music was meant to be enjoyed without too much volume added to it. For the most part everyone at the Smoking Bore gave those performing their respect but there were the few that came to get drunk and cause trouble.
That was one of the few perks of living in such a small town, Summer thought, everyone knew everyone else so most of the time the drunkards were escorted out of the bar before it got crazy. Perhaps that was the only perk and then again that was the thing she hated most about living in Montgomery, Colorado, was there was no privacy. If you had a secret, forget it, no one kept them for long. she sipped on her orange screwdriver and looked around the dimly lit room. Strangely she had actually missed this but her family thought she had come back to make everyone's life harder. what did they know. ok so maybe keeping a secret was possible but only if you brought that secret with you from a long, long, ways away.
Harrison smiled at the girl sitting two tables away from him with a group of friends. he winked when he was sure he had her attention. she had to be new or he would have known her name by now. Actually Harrison would have known much, much more about her than that but he was glad for her. it got old after a while knowing everyone in the town. A new face was more than welcome. Her grin grew at his wink and a twinkle reflected in her eye. Yes, she was the kind of woman he would actually take time to, well take time with. Jed might kill him but he couldn't let his over protective obnoxious brother stop him from living. Scenarios filtered through his brain one at a time till he found one that he, a) liked and b) was actually a real possibility for her in the middle of no where, ranching country. her friends were giggling around her as they caught on to her gaze. Harrison could almost feel his name being thrown around even though he had only dated one of the girls at the table. well his version of dating was a loosely used expression. Yes, Harrison had a reputation, but how was that bad. the girls knew what to expect. it saved on time and mindless chit chat and he was rather thankful for that. The flip side to that reputation was the defender of honor as long as it was one of his sister. If any man tried anything with the women in his family, with the exception of Summer, he would pummel them into a pulp with the help of his brothers. hypocritical maybe, but everyone knew him, and knew he would fallow through like clock work.
Kate sucked out the last remaining drops of her coke. Any other town would never have let her even to step inside the bar but that was the beauty of being in a town like Montgomery. The bar tender had been her baby sitter for a few years and the owner of the bar was like the uncle she never had. yeah it was pretty great to live here not to mention that her sister might as well have been a super star as far as she was concerned. she smiled as her sister came to the close of a song. Lucy could really rock out on the guitar. She needed to graduate from country music. Not to be misunderstood, Kate loved country music but Lucy looked a little more like a rock star and she had the skills. mad skills was how Kate would have described them. She clapped as loudly as she could once the music actually ended. Grinning from ear to ear her palms were apple red by time the next song started. Kate didn't mind though. she loved her sister and supporting her was what she did. that was what Kate did for all her siblings. she was sort of the unofficial cheerleader of the Walker family. she didn't mind though come to think of it she had a hard time cheering on one of her siblings, Summer.
Marshal smiled at his little sister. Kate was always so energetic and ready to encourage in any way she could. it was good to see her like this again and he hoped she could keep it up. Not many could tell by the way she acted how much she really dealt with. he glanced down at his cell phone. well, actually it was one of the two family cell phones they had. he had convinced Jed to let him hold on to it for the evening. he had given her the house number and this cell number and for nearly two weeks he had been waiting. she hadn't called yet. he didn't have her number so waiting was all he could really do. she had seemed nice but then again she could have totally been playing him. Marshal sighed looking back up to the stage. He grinned shaking his head. Lucinda's pink spiky hair didn't really seem to go with her choice in music. she never wore a cowboy hat unless she was out working in the fields. not that one had to wear a cowboy hat if one sang country music but it just...she seemed more visually suited for Rock. Marshal glanced over at his older brother who seemed to be scoping out the bar. Jed never rested it anymore it seemed.
His cowboy hat was set firmly on his head casting a shadow over half his face. his eyes moved slowly over the whole bar starting at the stage and moving left he tried to locate his brother. Why had he decided now to act out the way he was. two years ago he was a good kid but now, well Harrison wasn't exactly a picture of roll model behavior. Ever since Summer had come back those two had been at each others throats. Sure it hadn't been a picnic putting up with Summers new found attitude but Harrison seemed to derive some sort of pleasure in goading her on. Jed sighed as he scanned the other half of the bar. There he was. Harrison was chatting up a girl that he didn't recognize. Jed looked down at his water not wanting to think of what the rest of the night held for his younger brother. Most nights when they came into town for any mount of time Jed usually ended the visit with wanting to punch his

~ Chapter One ~

Lucy pulled the strap her guitar over her head and gingerly laid her beloved Taylor into its hard case. Her fingers ran up the strings as she listened to the gradually growing hum of the packed bar. Not being materialistic was one of Lucy's life rules, but that guitar was her only exception. Taking a deep breath she closed the lid the clips snapping into place locking her guitar safely inside.
"Is that like a religious thing?" a young man asked with a smile.
Lucy chuckled, " I guess it sort of looks like that huh?" she said standing up with her guitar in hand, "its just...I love to play and this right here,” she tapped the guitar case, “this is the key to it all."
"I have never seen someone come through here that was so in love with the process, " he said looking around, "most everyone who performs here is just looking for a big break of some sort, though I can't figure out what sort of break they were hoping for seeing how this is Montgomery...but I digress."
Lucy chuckled.
"I'm serious. Its like all they can think about is how they are going to make it big...yada, yada, yada. They don't appreciate the ride, the beauty of just loving it."
"You sound like you've become a musician, Steve," Lucy commented resting her arm on the guitar propped up beside her.
"Only at heart, I can't hold a tune in a bucket, but I love music." he looked around again.
"What's wrong?" she asked
He shrugged, "Max has just really been on my case lately."
"That sucks."
"Yeah especially because he doesn't work here. he doesn't even live here any more." Steve groaned exasperated, "his parents still think he's this perfect kid and he totally uses that to..." he made a choking motion, " he gets off on bugging the crap out of me."
"For some people High school never ends." she sighed
"Yeah tell me about it," he looked over his shoulder again, " I better get back to work before the brat decides to try and make my life hell."
Lucy nodded, "well I hope it gets better for you."
"Its always better when you play, Lucy." he grinned and then walked past her.
She smiled picking up her guitar and headed for the main floor, it seemed so much more crowded from ground level.
"Hey great job on the singing tonight," a young woman commented as she leaned up against the bar
"Thanks, Jacqui." Lucy smiled, "I have to admit though I was nervous tonight."
"Why?" she asked her eyebrows pulling together, "you always rock, even if it is country."
Chuckling, Lucy replied sarcastically, "Well thanks."
"I would apologize, but I don't like country." she shrugged, "except when you play it."
"Okay, spit it out," Lucy demanded
"Spit what out?" Jacqui asked her face written with a little too much cluelessness to be taken seriously.
"Whatever you want from me that was going to fallow this suck up routine." she retorted.
"Okay, okay," Jaqui conceded, "would you introduce me to your brother?"
"Who? Jed?" the surprise evident.
Jacqui rolled her eyes, " No. Harrison." she said a grin spreading over her face that Lucy didn't like at all.
"There is a reason why we have been friends for almost a year and you haven't met my brothers especially Harrison." Lucy said bluntly.
"Are you implying something about me?" Jacqui asked defensively
"Yes and don't sound so offended by it," sadly it was common knowledge that Jacqui didn't exactly value...virtue.
"Well I am offended, Lucy. I thought you said you were a non judgmental zone."
"I am, but I am a protective sister first and foremost."
Jacqui let out a short hard laugh, "Oh right, because Harrison is so innocent he needs to be protected from the horrors of promiscuous women."
"I don't agree with what Harry does but that doesn't mean I'm not going to encourage it."
"Come on, get off it, Lucy. He is a big boy and I'm a big girl."
"Then why do you need me to introduce you?" Lucy felt the unfamiliar challenge in her voice but she wasn't about to budge on this one.
"Fine," Jacqui snapped, "thanks for nothing Lucy."
Lucy sighed watching Jacquie walk away her hips holding a little more swing than was needed. She reached up letting down her waist long chocolate brown hair. Jed was going to kill Harrison if Jacqui got her way and knowing her younger brother, Lucy knew he would be more than happy to oblige. Maybe she was being a little ridiculous, but she didn't agree with the way Harrison used women. He hadn't always been that way. Actually, a few years back he would hardly talk to a woman then something happened. Lucy couldn't put her finger on it but it bothered her. Now it seemed Harry did it to tick Jed off more than because he enjoyed the company of these girls.
Harrison chuckled at the comment made by the girl he was talking with but anyone paying even an inch of attention could tell he was anything but amused. She had seemed interested in his type of activity, but once they started talking it all went down hill. He finished off his second beer then looked into the bottom of his glass hopping that perhaps he could make more alcohol materialize. He would need at least a few more drinks if he was going to survive her cackling.
"So anyway, the horse thought it could totally outsmart me, but no way. The girls were a little shocked because this was only my second time on a horse right," she giggled, "to be honest I was so scared, I thought I was going to go flying."
"You really showed that horse." Harry commented dryly
"I know right." she said sipping on her Coke. Harry looked down into his empty bear glass again and sighed
"So anyway I am going out to ride again tomorrow and that horse won't try anything funny with me. He knows better."
"I should have." Harry muttered to his glass.
"I would like to try bare back one of these days though I'm not sure as of right now. I mean the saddle is what keeps me on but he won't know that," she said in reference to this horse that seemed to be the only thing on her mind. Was she seriously trying to impress him by all this pointless chatter. She had the silent flirting thing down pat but once she opened her mouth, well here they were and Harry was about ready to shoot himself. Despite what his siblings though of him, Harry liked to think of himself as not being rude, otherwise he would have just walked away. As he thought about that option he realized she probably wouldn't get the not so subtle hint and would fallow him with these oh so boring tales. That wouldn't work, so Harry contemplated his other options as her voice trilled on in the background of his thoughts.
"Harry." he ignored the voice that had called his name. It was probably the girl just throwing it in, in an attempt to make him more interested. A few seconds later Harry pulled himself out of his own head realizing that, whatever her name was, wasn't talking. He looked up from his beer glass fallowing her eyes to right behind him. There stood a beautiful woman with hazel eyes and long dark lashes framing them like the edge of the forest on a mountain lake.
"Harry I need you to come help me move a few boxes." she said without even a hint of the fact that she had never met him before or that she was lying though her teeth. He nodded and turned back to the girl who had been chattering on like a static radio.
"I have to go but have a great time during your visit," He said with a not so genuine smile but it had fooled her.
"We should get together again." she said looking up at him through her over painted blond eyelashes. To refrain from saying anything truly mean he just nodded, gave her another half hearted smile, and fallowed the mystery woman into the throng of the bar.
"You looked practically catatonic over there." Jaqui said with a smile over her shoulder.
"You have no idea."
she chuckled, "you want another beer?" she asked turning to face him her hair swooshing a little around her, some draping over her shoulder creating a line Harry fought to ignore.
"After that I might need something a little stronger." he said glancing over his shoulder to the girl who had rejoined her friends. They were all giggling, throwing flirtatious glances at him. Rolling his eyes Harry turned back to his rescuer, "yeah...a lot stronger."
a sultry smile crossed her face as she turned to the bar tender,"Two bourbon please." she ordered then moved to face Harry again. Resting her elbows on the bar behind her defined her thin, beautiful figure. This time Harry let his eyes travel just a little but he returned them to hold her gaze soon enough.
"I'm Jacqui." she said her eyes dancing with the smile that plaid on her lips
"I'm Harry, but you already knew that." he said cocking his head to the side just a little. The tumbles were set on the bar with a little thunk and Jaqui handed Harry one of the glasses.
"Yes, I did already know that," she said paying him the same respect he had her glancing over everything she had to work with, "that and a few other things."
Harry took a drink of his bourbon, " really?" he asked intrigued. This conversation was turning out to be much more to his liking than the last. She nodded her eyes looking up at him over the rim of her glass. she licked her lips intentionally drawing attention to them.
"So, tell me something about yourself," Harry asked.
"What do you want to know?"
"Anything you want to tell me." he replied finishing his drink.
"Well...I moved here just over a year ago after going to a year of collage." she took a drink, "your turn."
"I've lived here my whole life and I work on my family's ranch."
"Forced into the family business, eh?" she asked raising an eyebrow
"Not really. I love working there, always have so I like to think I staid on my own volition." he replied raising his glass to the bar tender to get it filled again.
"Well aren't you lucky then? Doing what you love." she pulled all her hair over her left shoulder making it look nonchalant. her fingers trailed along the back of her neck then fallowed the line of her hair down her side.
"yeah, well there are a few other things that I love to do." Harry said winking at her over the rim of his glass.
"We all have our secret little hobbies," Jacqui replied looking at him from under lowered lashes. This had been the look the other girl had attempted to achieve, but Jacqui nailed it making Harry's blood run just a little warmer.
"Ah," Harry set his glass down," is there any way to convince you to show me one of your secret hobbies?"
"Buy me another drink and I'll consider it." she smirked
"Another Bourbon?" he asked waving down the bar tender
"No, I think I'll have a beer."
"Two beers," Harry said tot he bar tender then instantly turned his attention back to Jacqui. The beer bottles clanked slightly as they were set on the counter then hissed in appreciation being freed from their caps.
"So, having considered it," she took a sip, " I think I could show you some of me secret hobbies." her voice was low, but full.
" Really?"
"Mhm," she smiled running her index finger around the rim of her beer bottle.
"Well, are you going to make me beg?" he wondered out loud
" I don't know, do you look good when you beg?" her smirk returned
"Not really," harry chuckled, "I haven't perfected it yet."
" I guess you'll have to keep working on it then. In the mean time, I will show you a few things I have perfected." Harry raised an eyebrow in anticipation.
"Let me finish my drink," Jacqui laughed
Harry nodded, "Absolutely."
Smiling she shook her head taking another swig, " Excited, are we?"
"is it that obvious?" Harry asked
"Yes," she replied bluntly, but with a smile.
"Sorry." He said looking at his bottle, " after that...other conversation I suppose I'm a little eager for a good night."
" That's alright." Jacqui said taking another long draw finishing off her beer, "ready?" Downing the rest of his drink he nodded standing up. She took his hand and led him out the back door of the bar. Here the gravel parking lot was not lit by any street lamps but only the light that managed to make its way out of the few windows in the back of the building. she led him to the edge of the empty lot where her car was parked.
"We should have plenty of privacy out here." she said looking around.
"Privacy?" He raised an eyebrow.
" I don't want anyone stumbling in on us by accident." she said letting go of his hand and running her fingers across his chest, " coming?" she asked as she opened the car door and climbed into the back seat. He took a deep breath fallowing her. This was his lucky night.
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Saddle Up the Novel
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